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Our integrated audio-visual solutions are ideal for educational institutions like yours – because they’re easy for your instructors to use, and impossible for students to ignore. And while our presentation systems demand attention, our video conferencing installations enhance collaboration and further facilitate learning. Our skilled designers will work with you … Continue reading

Benefits of working with Communitronics

Communitronics specializes in providing seamless, integrated audio-visual communications systems. Our unique, modular approach keeps initial costs low and gives you an easy, affordable upgrade path to follow as technology evolves – a factor that’s so important in today’s competitive education arena. In addition, your entire system is supported by our industry-leading … Continue reading

Classrooms get smarter at SLU

Over the past 11 years, classrooms at St. Louis University have been getting smarter, thanks to technology brought to the campus by Communitronics. It’s all part of a campus-wide effort to standardize presentation platforms. It incorporates universal, touch screen remotes. Standardized port configurations.  And high-resolution projection systems. “It’s a collaborative … Continue reading