System integration for education

Capturing and holding the attention of today’s students is harder than ever. Achieving educational goals and enhancing performance at the same time is even more challenging. Integrated A/V solutions from Communitronics make it all possible. They’re easy to use, remarkably affordable and impossible to ignore.

Communication solutions for government

Local, state and federal governments – along with the military – trust Communitronics, a certified GSA contractor, with their mission-critical A/V communications needs. Forever cost- and technology-conscious, our design engineers create integrated, modular designs that are easily upgraded as technology evolves.

Seamless system integration

Screens and projectors float down from the ceiling. Speakers hide under the table. Wires and equipment hide behind walls. With a push of a button, you effortlessly bring it all to life. Communicating with your key stakeholders has never been easier, thanks to the design engineers at Communitronics.