Energy savings, aesthetics take center stage in new lighting systems


The right lighting can make all the difference.

It creates a unique atmosphere that can boost business. It enhances learning in classrooms. It increases safety in public areas and workspaces.

Most importantly, according to Jeff Mash, Lighting Specialist with Communitronics, the right lighting, installed properly, saves energy and money.

Integrated systems balance natural and artificial light.

Integrated systems balance natural and artificial light automatically. Dimmers and motorized shades work in tandem to optimize light levels and eliminate glare and harsh shadows.

“While any electrician can install a set of fixtures,” Mash said, “our approach is different. We take a system-level approach, designing a system to integrate with other operations, like audio-visual communication systems.”

“We bring it all together,” he explained, “in a way single contractors can’t. Plus we’ve partnered with some of the leading manufacturers out there, including Lutron, to make sure we’re offering the most advanced, efficient equipment on the market.”

Mash explained Communitronics works with its clients to accomplish energy savings by leveraging natural light, increasing control and maximizing the efficiency of installed fixtures.

“Light harvesting”

One of the most exciting trends in lighting design, according to Mash, is light harvesting, which enables artificial lighting systems to take advantage of natural light available through windows and skylights.

Ideally, it starts in the earliest design stages, with south-facing windows bringing in abundant natural light.

However, existing structures can also be optimized to bring light through a room, light that is supplemented as necessary by highly energy efficient fixtures.


“Communitronics can deliver the right amount of light, when and where you need it,” Mash said.

Lighting is a critical componenet of any integrated system. The right lighting maximizes productivity and enhances productivity.

This is accomplished with state-of-the art control systems, including dimmers, control panels and automated programs that give users more control than has ever been possible.

Fewer, more efficient fixtures

By using available light and using more efficient fixtures, Communitronics system designers can reduce the number of fixtures required to adequately light a space. This carries both immediate savings in the fixtures themselves, and long-term in labor and materials, bulb replacement and, of course, energy use.

For a closer study of how lighting can impact your business, please download the following information  from LUTRON®, our preferred lighting partner.

Georgian College
Organge County Convention Center
Easy-to-use lighting transforms houses of worship

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