Communitronics delivers integrated digital signage, content systems

Digital signage is the current darling of the communications business, but St. Louis-based Communitronics has long seen it as a powerful extension of its business.

Digital signage can be used to deliver dynamic promotional messages, and can be updated at a moment's notice for time-sensitive content.

These electronic displays – generally, modern flat screen monitors – are popping up everywhere from airports to universities and retail stores to office lobbies. They deliver real-time, dynamic messages, and all research shows that the messages are uniquely effective.

“To successfully install a digital signage system it takes a company who has experience in every aspect of the system,” said Communitronics CEO Rita Leitensdorfer. “It’s a fully integrated system, a network that pulls together hardware, software, content management and, of course, a message.”

The planning process

Leitensdorfer says the planning for a digital signage network starts in the same place as any project: setting goals and budgets. We help the customer realize the full potential of the digital signage network whether it’s communicating to the employees, promoting products and services, providing information to customers, public safety, or increase brand awareness.  Once the target goals have been clarified we then match the technology to the requirements.  Some customer’s may start out with just a few displays to get their feet wet so to speak and then realize the full potential to add more displays.

“Whether you have one screen, 10 screens or 300, content is the most important,” Leitensdorfer explained. “We work with our clients to drive compelling content to the displays.”

The key, she said, is identifying syndicated content sources for ongoing needs, and having individuals who are trained and ready to provide site-specific content as necessary.

“For example, on a university campus, you might want to have an updated list of events, but you’ll also need to be able to update things in real-time for emergencies and other alerts.”

Leitensdorfer said for larger installations, messages can be targeted to specific areas, or broadcast over the entire network.

Turnkey solutions

The Communitronics provides all aspects of digital signage – including hardware, software and content management – in one seamless, integrated package.

“We’ve built our business on integrating complex audio-visual communication systems,” Leitensdorfer said. “If you have a message to get out, we can help you do it as effectively as possible, using the latest technologies.”

For more information on Communitronics’ digital signage solutions, contact us.

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