Design and engineering

We start every project by asking you questions and talking to as many end-users as possible: people who will actually be using the system on a regular basis. That helps our System Designers and Engineers determine both the scope of the project, and the specific details they’ll need to bring it to life in your facility.

Product fulfillment and installation

After nearly 40 years in the business, we’ve learned what equipment works best in very specific situations, and we’re able to use this knowledge to specify the right equipment for your system. As an industry leader, we also have the purchasing power to ensure you get the best possible price on all system components.

System integration

This is the heart of the Communitronics experience. We take your specified components and tie them together into a communications system that’s completely integrated. That means that each and every aspect – lighting, sound, display and control – works as one, seamless unit.


While the bulk of our systems are hidden away on racks and in cabinets, one aspect – system control – is always front and center. We offer expert programming services for today’s leading control system, including LCD touch panels.

Ongoing consultation

Communication technology is evolving at an ever-faster pace. That’s why we continue to consult with you, both during and after your project, to ensure your system is meeting your needs. It’s not about technology for technology’s sake, but making sure you’re making the most out of what today’s latest tech brings to the table. Our systems are designed to be easily upgraded – so you will never be behind the times.

Service and maintenance

All of the equipment we install is fully protected by manufacturer’s warranties. In addition, our full-time staff of manufacturer-trained technicians is ready to handle any service requests you may have — even on systems we did not design or install. For your convenience, we offer service contracts and preventive service agreements to ensure your system is always in top operating condition.

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