Four-step process

At Communitronics, we don’t believe our job is about selling or installing equipment. It’s about helping you achieve your communications goals, and we’ve designed a four-step process to help us move forward together.

1) Needs analysis: During the first phase of your project, our System Integration Specialists will meet with you. Most of all, they will ask questions, and listen to your needs, your budget and your vision. They will map out the range of options available. This is one of the most critical steps in the process, because it sets the logistical, technical and budgetary framework for your project, and sets the timeframe.

2) System design: With a solid roadmap in place, your System Integration Specialist will work with our Integration Engineers to determine the best structure to meet your needs. During this stage, we will select the right equipment and determine the actual functionality that will become a part of your final system.

3) System installation: In collaboration with construction and electrical contractors, our Project Management Team will take over during the third phase, coordinating all aspects of your system installation. Our programmers will make sure all systems are ready. Our trainers will show you how to make the  most of your new system.

4) Service: Once your system is up and running, we are available to help you to protect your investment. We offer monthly, quarterly or yearly service contracts to ensure your system is optimally functional, and that all software is up-to-date.

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